NeoTech mod

Looking at Neotech mods

Neotech is one of the first few tech mods created for Minecraft 1.8 and above, while the other mods found it troublesome to recode and get up to date with Minecraft 1.8, Neotech came about bringing all the fun stuff the creators love from 1.7 to the current versions of minecraft

You can find more information the links below.

the mod is pretty wonderful, I really like the way the new pipes works, using 1 main pipe and using only the different connectors do mange the items / fluids and energy.

I’m toying with the idea of doing some videos on Neotech based on the current world we are in.

Lets take a look at the spotlights by Paul Davis one of the Neotech creators.

It starts of with an intro video and goes on to talk about the Neotech items and features

Playlist videos here:

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I’m relatively new to Minecraft alright, close to 1 year in, to date.

Previous reluctant to start playing thinking it was a kids game, only to realize its more than that allowing much more creativity and a virtually world of endless possibilities.

You know Lego? yeah something similar, virtual Lego just less costly.

Recently acquired my in game nick (ign) acokeaday, give me a holler if you see me in a random server.